• On guilt.

    Guys, I'm a really bad blogger. No matter how much I try to keep a schedule with this thing, it always seems to get away from me! As per my new year resolutions (who keeps those anyway?) I should be posting once a week. I'm really falling behind on the job with my once a month posts. I have 8 months left to do this! (And the plan is that I'll continue posting once a week from there on out...)

    Anyway! It's been a chilly Spring so far, but it's been fun. I'm getting more comfortable in my new job, and I've been trying to take my camera out as much as I can... I have quite a few rolls of film to process, so hopefully I can get those done soon and post them here! 

    Two weekends ago I bought a sweet new ride. My old bike stood by me through my first few years here in the city but it was definitely time to retire it and move on up. 

    How gorgeous is she? Right? Right.

    And here's an outtake from my most recent 52 weeks project post:


    All photos taken with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and my Canon EF 35mm f/1.4 USM lens.
  • Counting Days

    For a brief moment last week I was sure that Spring was here, so I went a little crazy and bought myself 3 bouquets of tulips. It's amazing how fresh flowers can breathe life into a home and brighten one's mood. Sadly, the consistent snowy weather for the past couple days is letting us know that Mother Nature has other plans. But at least we all got to spend a couple of lovely days enjoying the sunshine. 

    This is my week 10 self-portrait for the 52 weeks project I'm doing. I'm only a week behind on posting the updates, not bad! 

    And in case you missed week 9 of the project....

    Here's an outtake with a better view of my hairstyle. I'm happy that my hair is finally long enough to do all the fun braid hairstyles I've been so envious of! 

    All photos taken with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and my Canon EF 35mm f/1.4 USM lens.

  • Live on coffee and flowers

    Here's a glimpse into a typical weekend morning in my life. This happened to be from the post Valentine's Day weekend, so my beautiful flowers get to make an appearance featuring some wonderful morning light. We ate a pretty typical meal of scrambled eggs, chicken bacon, hashbrowns and fruit. We also decided to have some very healthy, refreshing fruit smoothies this particular weekend. Made up of apples, strawberries, bananas, and almond milk, my smoothie was tasty, but definitely not as rich and filling as chad's was, with his yogurt addition. I occasionally eat almond yogurt or soy yogurt, but it's just not the same! Sometimes you just can't replace the real thing. 

    All photos taken with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and my Canon EF 35mm f/1.4 USM lens.

  • Love what you have and you'll have more love.

    You know you've had a good weekend when it was spent with people you care about and good food. If only we should all be so lucky. 

    Easy is a brunch spot a two minute walk from my house, and it's one of my favourites in the city. Not only do they have delicious, nutrious smoothies but they have light, fluffy gluten-free waffles! 

    Chad and I met up with our friends Scott and Julie for a mid afternoon meal the other weekend, and it did not disappoint. The service was a tad slow, but everything was okay our food arrived ( waffles and side of bacon for me!)

    All photos taken with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and my Canon EF 35mm f/1.4 USM lens.

  • My new Polaroid camera.

    I'm so happy to be able to share these shots today. I picked up a Polaroid Automatic 103 camera (see here ) off of Craigslist probably about a year ago, I'm not really sure how long ago exactly because it sat under my bed for a very long time. Finally I got myself together and found a working battery for it and fixed a ripped in the bellows. Thankfully B&H sells fairly cheap peel-apart instant film for it, because now I can use a camera I've been dreaming about owning. 

    These are my first three shots with it, and don't worry, there will definitely be more to come. I'm realizing this particular camera tends to underexpose, so I'm going to need to play with it to find the best settings.

    I'd love to test out some portraits on it, so anyone in the Toronto area who doesn't mind letting me capture their face on film, leave a comment or send an email! 

    The flowers above are the beautiful bouquet I got for Valentine's day. Aren't they gorgeous? So thankful that I'm so lucky. 

    I also decided to use this shot as my week 7 (out of 52) self-portrait. It's not the best shot, but it means a lot to me. I coudn't be more happy this camera is working as well as it does. 

    All photos taken with my Polaroid Automatic 103 and Fujifilm FP-100C.

  • Southern Souls - Aidan Knight

    The other week I took some behind-the-scenes shots for a Southern Souls video, featuring Aidan Knight. The video was shot at a cute little place on queen, Chantecler. (They have a great menu and tasty drinks if you're ever in the area!)

    All photos taken with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and my Canon EF 35mm f/1.4 USM lens.

  • 52 weeks progress...

    About a month ago, I posted about my 2013 goals and the 52 weeks project I was starting. It's definitely time to do a little update. I'm sad to say, I've already fallen behind on my promise of posting one blog a week, as this is my second post this year - but don't worry I could fill your ear up with excuses, if you ask! 

    In happier news, I have been 95% on time. A miraculous feat! Only 11 months to go. It's astounding how being on time is a lot more relaxing and satisfying than I ever thought possible, maybe that'll be what spurs me on to continue to change my ways. 

    I'm doing well at reading more books and being gluten free - it's fun to have a reason to look up new recipes and shop in new stores. And tonight I had the tastiest gluten free baguette, who even knew that was possible?!

    I'll be back later this week with some photos I took this past week, but for now I'll leave you with my 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th photos of my 52 weeks project...

    All photos taken with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and my Canon EF 35mm f/1.4 USM lens.


  • 2013


    For the past couple of months I've been tweaking my 30 before 30 list. I know it's a little overdone on the internet now days, but I think it will be really good for me to make a set list of goals for the next few years of my life. Keeping in that mindset, I'd like to set a few goals for 2013. I suppose you could call them resolutions, but really they are just guidelines to which I'd like to live my life by.

    1. Be on time
    I am a disaster in this area. No matter how many times and promises I've made to myself, I just can't seem to become the punctual person I'd like to be. With a bunch of new changes for this year, and friends and family that deserve to see me arrive on time, I'm making this my main goal.

    2. Read one book a month
    No matter how busy I might be, reading should never take a backseat. I have more books than bookshelf space and it's time I start reading and enjoying the books I've bought and been given.

    3. More blog posts
    I'd love to post once per week, so that is what I'll aim to achieve, and if I manage that, I'll work towards two. The more I post, the more I'll shoot and vice versa. With my new gear from Christmas, I won't have a lack of inspiration!

    4. Be completely gluten free for one month
    Keeping with the wishes of my various doctors I've been working on being gluten free, but I really need to make the final push to do it completely, and at least for one month. That way I can measure how I feel in relation to other things I'm doing. One month can't be that hard, right?

    5. Try yoga
    I need to do this, I've been all talk for far too long. I know it would be a tremedous help to my back/neck/body but I've yet to even try it. I have a yoga mat, all I need is the motivation. If I hate it, so be it - but at least I tried!

    6. Declutter
    This year I'd like to declutter my apartment. If I haven't used, worn or needed something in 6 months or more, I will get rid of it or give it away. This will encourage me to eventually live simply. (Well, a girl can dream)

    7. Project 52
    And last but definitely not least, I'm gonna try out another project - back in 2008 I did the 365 and failed somewhere around the 177 day mark. I can't believe it's been almost 5 years since then. I figure I'll go easy on myself this time around and do the 52 weeks project - taking a photo of myself once a week for 52 weeks.


    There you have it. We'll see how I make out - but if you catch me not doing any of these things please do feel free to scold me.

    (Top photo is my first photo for the 52 weeks project, you can view it full size and with more details here.)

  • Newfoundland, December 2011

    Finally got around to scanning some Diana F+ from a long time ago...I have quite a few scanned Cuba photos to share but first, here's some old photos from my trip to Newfoundland last Christmas! 

    All photos taken with my Diana F+ and Ilford Delta 400 film. 

  • Cuba - Part One

    Just as the mornings are growing chilly and frosty, I decided it was a perfect time to look through and post some memories from my Cuba trip.
    This part one post will be mainly photos around the resort we stayed at in Varadero (apologies for all the nature and still life captures!). After a couple of days we ventured out of the resort and I will feature those shots in future posts! Please do come back and look:)

    Our first few days in Varadero were during the tail end of hurricane Issac. Thankfully, we only had to endure a few rainshowers and some cloudy skies. It was still extremely hot, the drinks were flowing and the water was warm so we were still able to have a great time before the sun joined us.

    My adorable Mom and Sister!

    The man who taught me so much of what I know.

    Our first (much needed) drink after our 6am flight.

    Honestly? I wasn't a fan, but it was neat to try a piña colada while in Cuba.

    It was a pretty cloudy day at the beach when we arrived. But it's okay, we were in a warm, gorgeous place.

    The sun peeked out a little!

    We saw a million cute kitties (and puppies). Don't worry, in the upcoming post there are even more to be seen.

    Thanks for looking! Stay tuned for many more Cuba photos and stories to come.

    All photos taken with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and my Canon EF 35mm f/1.4 USM lens.

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