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  • Ireland Part One

    It's hard to believe I went to Europe for the first time almost a year and a half ago, in October of 2012. I flew into Dublin to meet up with my Cousin Brenda, and begin our two week adventure! Since Brenda has family in Ireland, we spent the first few days in a Naas, a town outside of Dublin, and then went into Dublin for explore for the day. 

    The morning I arrived into Dublin, Brenda's uncle Jimmy picked me up bright and early from the airport, such a kind gesture was a lovely way to begin my trip.

    Deciding to travel in the fall was a perfect idea, the cities were quieter, and the leaves were such brilliant colours.

    We stayed with another aunt and uncle of Brenda while in Dublin and they had this adorable dog!

    My first night there (after a long afternoon nap) we went for a quick drink at the Killashee House Hotel nearby, and met up with some of Brenda's other family members. My aunt Mary and Uncle John, who live over here, were also in Ireland at the same time as me for a wedding!

    Try not to notice the jetleg bags under my eyes :)

    Brenda's aunt Fionnuala made this amazing dessert snack, I can't remember what it's called but I do rememember it included Mars Bars and Cadbury milk chocolate melted on top, yum!

    At the train station in Naas, heading to Dublin! Typical cloudy day in Ireland, which then turned into a downpour when we arrived in Dublin.

    Some nourishment before the day of exploring Dublin began.

    The Book of Kells was fascinating, and the Library was absolutely gorgeous, sadly I followed their no photo rules and all I have now is this photo of a sign! 

    We took solace from the rain inside an adorable tart shop where we split this delicious apple crisp.

    We took a tour at the Jameson Distillery, which is now actually just a museum and the main factory is located in Cork... But we did get to do an official tasting to compare different types of whiskey, and at the end of the day, Jameson definitely tasted the best. (If you like straight whiskey, which I quite honestly don't!) But the cocktail offered at the end of the tour was pretty delicious.

    A perfect sunset while on the train heading out of the city.

    Stay tuned friends, I'm going to aim to post once a week so that you can relive this trip with me, I have Northern Ireland, Amsterdam, Paris and London to get through yet! 

    All photos taken with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and my Canon EF 35mm f/1.4 USM lens.

  • Jamaica

    This has been a couple months coming, but it's finally here, photos of my work trip to Jamaica! Now that I work during the day for Flight Centre, there are more opportunities for travel, (not to mention many afternoons spent daydreaming about all of the beautiful places on this planet). Back at the beginning of June, I headed to Jamaica for a few days for a 'familiarization' trip with some Flight Centre colleagues. (Fam trips are for travel agents to learn more about certain destinations/resorts) This specific trip was based on the Sandals/Beaches chain of properties. So naturally, we were treated like royalty (now I'll never be able to travel on a budget again!) and I can't believe that I get to go back in September (for work again - am I lucky or what?!) 

    We started our trip bright and early at the Pearson airport - guzzling down caffeine and listening to Monika on her ukele to pass the time. 

    We finally made it (after a very short flight and a few naps), and were treated to lunch at The Mariner beach-side grill at Sandals Royal Caribbean. Nothing like eating fresh and delicious food while looking at the gorgeous blue sea.

    Next up we drove through the mountains into Ocho Rios and were checked into Sandals Grande Riviera Beach & Villa Golf Resort. We were all treated to our own butler suites (my own butler!).

    Nothing like sleeping in a massive king bed all alone!

    My butler suite had it's own semi-private (shared with one other couple) plunge pool. I was estastic!

    I spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and revelling in my new home for the next couple days.

    That first evening, all of us Flight Centre folk went to Kimonos, Grande Riviera's Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant. The food was absolutely delicious, and watching someone prepare it from fresh made it even better!

    So comfy. 

    A few of us ate breakfast at China Doll, where they serve breakfast to only butler suite guests! Yum.

    The rest of the day was spent touring a few of the Sandals properties in the Ocho Rios area. This is the main pool area at the Grande Riviera resort. 

    One of the absolutely gorgeous and serene spa treatment rooms. 

    Words can even describe how HOT Jamaica was. Any clothing was too much clothing - it was a constant state of sweating! But I'm not complaining, give me that any day over a -25, with windchill, winter day in Toronto! 

    This is only a partial view of the stunning Honeymoon Romeo & Juliet butler suite at the resort. 

    Jerk Chicken pizza - oh yeah, it's a thing. The Beaches Ocho Rios prepared a special lunch for us flighties and even had the Sesame Street Characters stop by to say hello.

    That orange girl looks like she's about to choke me!

    Beaches Ocho Rios also has a waterpark!!! And thanks to our awesome Sandals host we got to play on the waterslides for a couple of hours.

    Our waterside dinner at Kelly's Dockside restaurant. Such a filling, satisfying meal. Every restaurant at Sandals was so great about dealing with all of my food intolerances, I didn't have to spend a moment worrying about what I'd eat!

    Yes, in case you're wondering, they did paint themselves with chocolate!

    The next morning, before we all transferred for our last night at a resort in Montego Bay, I ordered myself some room service for breakfast. Only I didn't quite get to eat it...

    That morning I was very closely introduced to a family of mongoose who appeared to thoroughly enjoy my breakfast. I then proceeded to lock myself out of my suite by accident because I was so flustered (I don't do well when hungry!) I had no idea what these creatures were until I asked a member of the staff who laughed when I told her the story of my breakfast.

    Lunch at the Royal Caribbean resort in Montego Bay - I love a good salad bar!

    This resort has it's own private island!

    Lazy river with a swim up bar, what else do you need?! 

    Sunset from the balcony in my room at Sandals Montego Bay.

    These next few photos are from the underwater camera I borrowed from my dad, quality is pretty bad, but these are more about the fun than the photo! 

    If you made it all the way through these, I applaud you!

    All photos taken with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and my Canon EF 35mm f/1.4 USM lens. (Except the underwater shots)  

  • Montreal and Osheaga 2012

    About 3 months ago, back in August, Chad and I headed to Montreal for Osheaga. It was the first major festival we've been to together and we had the best time! We definitely fell in love with Montreal and wish we could just move there - but the lack of our french language skills will definitely hinder us in this dream. The weather was insanely hot - but the rain held out (mostly) so we were all pretty lucky. We saw some amazing bands: fun., Sigur Ros, The Shins, M83, Brand New, Of Monsters and Men, Portugal. The Man, James Vincent McMorrow, and many many more. Even though I've seen almost all of those bands before, the spirit of a festival changes everything.

    This completely saved me in the Montreal heat - so yummy.

    (Beginning of a roll...)

    Such a cute bow in this lady's hair!

    We got to be front row for Sigur Ros - it was as mesmerizing and amazing as you'd expect. I had to keep pinching myself so I'd remember it was all really happening. Ahhh...

    This is the wonderful apartment we got to stay in - rented through If you haven't used Airbnb before, I highly recommend it, I have stayed in some amazing places!

    The apartment had an adorable claw foot tub that I was pretty taken with!

    We took a little walk around the neighbourhood we stayed in, near Cremazie station....

    On the metro heading back to the Osheaga grounds!

    Here is a very crappy photo from a Panasonic Point and Shoot when we got to see Brand New front row. Not the best performance I've seen, but it was really great to see them live again.

    I was pretty excited about it!

    Then I got to run into these two cuties!

    We tried to take shelter from the absolutely sweltering afternoon sun under these umbrellas - didn't work that well.

    The handsome man I got to spend the weekend with.

    There is a blurry me sitting on one of those lightboxes (but you could only tell that in the evening, of course).

    Lots of beautiful foresty areas there.

    The back of Jana's lovely head.

    I gained a little weight over the weekend from all the poutine (just fries for me though).

    Then I got a super fresh, super tasty burger! Sadly I had to eat it without the bun, but I was just happily to be eatin' something. Yum.

    Then on Sunday, the clouds moved in....

    ...and it POURED. But it was okay-because Dallas Green has a pretty voice.

    We spent a few hours on Sunday enjoying Old Montreal, it was a bit wet, but that made it all the more beautiful!

    Not blurry, look closer.

    Thanks goes to Chad, for being awesome and willing to take all these shots of me.

    Photos taken with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and 35mm 1.4 lens, my Canon AE-1 50mm 1.8, (with Kodak Portra 400, and Fuji Superia 400 film), and a couple of shots were taken with a free Topshop disposible camera I got at the festival and my Dad's Panasonic TS2.

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