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  • Amsterdam, October 2012

    Looking back to my visit to Amsterdam in 2012, I remember it so fondly. It would be one of those cities that I could picture myself happily living in. The biking culture, the history, the water, the art, everything is just wonderful. 

    Our Airbnb host was wonderful and offered to pick us up at the airport. He then took us on a little tour of the neighbourhood our apartment was in, and even brought us to a local grocery store to pick up a few necessities. (The ginger cookies were so good!)

    Our first night in the city, it was pouring rain so we stopped a local spot for a dinner of some delicious comfort food, before heading to our apartment to open up a bottle of wine. We then took some time to explore the city, before stopping a cute bar for a drink. (And by cute, I mean that there was an adorable black cat in there!)

    It was extremely hard to have any self-control with delicious looks pastries like these at every turn!

    We accidentally locked ourselves out of the apartment on this day, so before we could start our day of sightseeing we had to wait for the (extremely patient) Airbnb owner to come back! We took the time spent waiting as an opportunity to grab a couple of shots of the area surrounding the building.

    See the spider? Sorry!

    The first thing we did was take a canal tour around the city. We were so lucky to have such perfect sun shining down on us!

    We opted not to rent bikes as it was a bit daunting in a city we had never been to before. Perhaps next time we will!

    I highly recommend getting pies from Pieminister, they were perfectly flaky and filled with a wide assortment of options, we were in pie heaven.

    We also went into a Hermitage Museum for a few hours where they had a temporary Van Gogh exhibit. At the time we visited Amsterdam, the Van Gogh Museum was undergoing some renovations so they had moved part of the collection over The Hermitage. It is always breathtaking seeing such great works of art in their original form. 

    Sadly we didn't get to take a Heineken tour (arrived too late!), but we did explore the gift shop.

    A dream world for cyclists!

    Such a magical city at night.

    By far, the absolute best split pea soup I have ever had. I have dreams about this soup!

    A traditional dutch pancake at The Pancake Bakery

    On our last morning in Amsterdam, we went to the Anne Frank House. It was something that I have wanted to see since I was a young child reading her diaries. Words cannot express how moving and devasting seeing it in person was. Sorry if this picture is tacky, but I wanted a memory that I got to be there and see such an huge memorial to an amazing young girl and her family. 

    We then hopped on the Thalys train to Paris, photos to come soon! 

    All photos taken with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and my Canon EF 35mm f/1.4 USM lens.

  • Shaun and Elese

    Back in July, I had the pleasure of attending Shaun and Elese's wedding in Ottawa with my Family. Shaun's parents are old friends of my parents, and Shaun with his sisters and Diana and I spent many fun days together as kids. Ontario Place (RIP) will forever be tied with memories of them! I'm happy we've all kept in touch over the years, they're all wonderful, loving people and I was so happy I could make it to Ottawa to see Shaun and his love, Elese tie the knot. 

    Diana and I took photos  at the hotel before the reception. 

    We ended up getting stuck in traffic for about an hour on the way to the reception, due to the highway being closed (and a horrible lack of signage!), but it's okay - we made it in time for the food!

     And of course, being who we are - we made very good use of the photo booth!

    My adorable parents.

    I was so happy to find this wonderful dress at Fitzroy Boutique one short week away from the wedding. They have amazing, unique items in store (and online!)

    It was a wonderful weekend with my family, and to top it off we had a delicious brunch at Corner Bar and Grill and then amazing doughnuts at SuzyQ Doughnuts. If you're ever in Ottawa, I highly recommend it!

    All photos taken with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and my Canon EF 35mm f/1.4 USM lens.

  • Cuba - Part One

    Just as the mornings are growing chilly and frosty, I decided it was a perfect time to look through and post some memories from my Cuba trip.
    This part one post will be mainly photos around the resort we stayed at in Varadero (apologies for all the nature and still life captures!). After a couple of days we ventured out of the resort and I will feature those shots in future posts! Please do come back and look:)

    Our first few days in Varadero were during the tail end of hurricane Issac. Thankfully, we only had to endure a few rainshowers and some cloudy skies. It was still extremely hot, the drinks were flowing and the water was warm so we were still able to have a great time before the sun joined us.

    My adorable Mom and Sister!

    The man who taught me so much of what I know.

    Our first (much needed) drink after our 6am flight.

    Honestly? I wasn't a fan, but it was neat to try a piña colada while in Cuba.

    It was a pretty cloudy day at the beach when we arrived. But it's okay, we were in a warm, gorgeous place.

    The sun peeked out a little!

    We saw a million cute kitties (and puppies). Don't worry, in the upcoming post there are even more to be seen.

    Thanks for looking! Stay tuned for many more Cuba photos and stories to come.

    All photos taken with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and my Canon EF 35mm f/1.4 USM lens.

  • Spiced Banana Bread with Walnuts

    I made this a few weeks ago, and boy, was it delicious! I picked up a tin of "pumpkin spice" from the store, and it provided so many delicious fall flavours to the bread. Unfortunately, I have since forgotten what exact recipe I used to make this so I cannot share..but I promise I will make more and when I come across something similar, I will post about it!

    Before editing these photos, I finally purchased VSCO Film. I have been debating it for a while now, and after realizing that it would a great investment for my work, I caved and bought it right away. I can't help but always swoon over the look of film that I shoot, and it's great that a company came up with a fast and simple way to make digital photos come close to that film "look." I will probably spend the next week or two playing with every possible combination and tweak of these fantastic presets, and I could not be more excited!

    As many of you may already know, I recently came back from a quick jaunt in Europe. My eyes have never seen more beautiful sights. I felt as though I was in constant awe of the world around me, fighting to catch my breath. I cannot wait to share some of the photos I took with you all.

    All photos taken with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and 35mm 1.4 lens.

  • Another Day

    Bokeh Panorama, 13 photo stitch.

    Reliving Spring memories today with a few shots of a walk we took on a beautiful May afternoon. 

    Laundromat, furrowed brow self-portrait.

    Full of Beans Cafe on Dundas St W.

    Stealing the neighbours' lilacs!

    All photos taken with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM lens.

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