• Shaun and Elese

    Back in July, I had the pleasure of attending Shaun and Elese's wedding in Ottawa with my Family. Shaun's parents are old friends of my parents, and Shaun with his sisters and Diana and I spent many fun days together as kids. Ontario Place (RIP) will forever be tied with memories of them! I'm happy we've all kept in touch over the years, they're all wonderful, loving people and I was so happy I could make it to Ottawa to see Shaun and his love, Elese tie the knot. 

    Diana and I took photos  at the hotel before the reception. 

    We ended up getting stuck in traffic for about an hour on the way to the reception, due to the highway being closed (and a horrible lack of signage!), but it's okay - we made it in time for the food!

     And of course, being who we are - we made very good use of the photo booth!

    My adorable parents.

    I was so happy to find this wonderful dress at Fitzroy Boutique one short week away from the wedding. They have amazing, unique items in store (and online!)

    It was a wonderful weekend with my family, and to top it off we had a delicious brunch at Corner Bar and Grill and then amazing doughnuts at SuzyQ Doughnuts. If you're ever in Ottawa, I highly recommend it!

    All photos taken with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and my Canon EF 35mm f/1.4 USM lens.

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