• Easter (A little overdue)


    Now, I do realize that Easter was over a month ago, but I really wanted to share a few snaps from the day I spent with my family at home! Chad and I made some tasty treats to bring along. These delicious Mini Eggs & Nutella macaroons above were from this recipe. A lot more dairy than my poor stomach can handle but I only nibbled on a couple!

    My Sister, Diana, spent hours making a fantastic rainbow cake! Such an adorable dessert.


    Rainbow cake.

    Oh, there's me in the kitchen!

    As another ridiculously gluttonous indulgence, Chad and I made this amazing Cookie Dough Dip. But we substituted the cream cheese with Tofutti vegan cream cheese, and honestly, no one was the wiser! One point for vegan desserts.

    As we do most years, Diana, my cousin Brenda and I, all painted some easter eggs. On Diana's cute idea, we painted some Disney characters on our eggs. Mine is the Snow White one!


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